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Tailor Made Travel Experiences

Some people like to tour famous sites and some feel the call of the wild.

At ‘NEI UK to…’, we spend a lot of each year personally visiting sites, trying out hotels and checking the quality of service, so that you do not have to. Depending on the type of holiday you want, we can tailor it to your level of activity, and your interests. We love to make true “holidays of a lifetime” for our clients.

About Us

A truly personal service

Because of our size and experience, we are able to offer you a truly tailor-made service and we don’t charge a premium to do so.

“NEI UK to… ” is the outbound division of “Wales Beckons Ltd” which is our new company specialising in tours to our home country of Wales.
Our long experience in arranging tours to many parts of the world and especially India, is still available to those who would like to get in touch to discuss a long haul holiday.
Our aim remains to ensure you enjoy the holiday you have been anticipating.
Covid for many people has proven to be a catalyst for change and so it has been for us. We survived the harsh period when Covid was doing its worst, but doing that caused us to re-evaluate our priorities.
We still do not offer insurance or anything else involved with the periphery of travel, but we will have time to talk with you and there will be no pressure on you to make a hasty decision as might be the case at a high street travel agency. A ZOOM call is always possible.
Reasons for travel are being examined and questioned as never before, from the the rising prices due to the cost of living increases, rising fuel costs, to the question of whether travel for leisure should be undertaken at all.
We are fully aware of these considerations and have sympathy for those who have decided that travelling long distances is not something they will be doing. We do know however that travelling is very dear to many people and indeed there are fewer truisms than
‘ travelling broadens one’s horizons’
and this is why we have decided that we will, in future, be concentrating on tourism which can be justified. This is a personal decision and not for us to judge, but we believe that an appropriate term is…
‘purposeful travel’
It has never been our practice to arrange holidays which involve little more than lazing all day on a beach or by a pool. Our forte has always been to ‘tailor-make’ holidays for our travellers enabling them to fully appreciate and enjoy all aspects of the country they have chosen to visit. This will continue and we will still be suggesting unusual aspects of the countries you would like to visit. Lesser visited places and interests and activities, which do not often receive much attention, but deserve to, will be to the fore when we talk with you.
We should make one final point regarding flights. We will no longer be able to arrange international or internal flights since in today’s world, flights are easily booked on line. We will naturally arrange your holiday to fit round any flights booked and if you need any help we will be here to advise.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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"NEI UK to..." is a trading name of "Wales Beckons Ltd" (Reg in England and Wales, Company No. 9662852) with whom all bookings are made. We do not supply any flights and none are included in our tour prices.